Clement, CA – Vineyard

Clement, CA – Vineyard

Seller financing to a buyer with 20% down for the 54 acre certified organic vineyard for $2.2M in Clements, CA (not far from Lodi, CA). They need a buyer with a 700 Fico score and able to show proof of funds for the down payment. At this time 34 acres are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 20 are unplanted. Price includes farm equipment and supplies. Fezter just bought this year’s harvest for $1,000 per ton. 

3 Videos of the Land:

We will use a combined sales price formula that includes a one time payment for vineyard profit sharing plus the $2.2M price for the 54 vineyard acres. The vineyard comes with farm equipment and farm supplies. This one time payment will be negotiated with the buyer. 
The buyer will then keep 100 % of all grape contract sales over the life of  the 30 year seller financing term. We will seller finance this combined sales price amount at fixed rates of 6% for years 1-5, 7.5% for years 6-15 and 9% for years 16-30.

Again, we need at least 20% down and a minimum 700 credit score.

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