Silver Retreat Property and Investments

Silver Retreat Property and Investments

Silver Retreat Property and Investments has brought together a pool of experienced personnel both expatriates and nationals with proven records of excellence in their various fields.

We have managed projects and contracts requiring high specification delivery standards with high precision requirements for our highly esteemed clients. And simultaneously brought to bear in the latest technology, in delivering these high standards. We strive to bring perfect balance between qualitative, perfectly executed jobs and competitive prices, therefore affording our clients the luxury of both satisfaction and economic gains. Our strength is our experience and understanding of the industry, assisted by our cultivated network of reliable and privileged engineers, contacts, and technical partners. A dedicated workforce geared to service the requirements of the modern industry (onshore and offshore) offering engineering, design, manufacture, installation, project management.

Silver Retreat Properties and Investments is a company incorporated internationally, specializing in providing integrated services in:
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail and Transport
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Energy & Power Production
  • General Procurement Services
  • Investment & Financial Consultancy
  • Real Estate & Construction Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Industries & Security Equipment Service
An extensive client base including oil & gas companies for onshore and offshore contracts, sub-sea contractors, shipping companies, water, and telecommunication companies. These skills cover engineering design, signaling, telemetry, power, horse and coach design.Project teams of dedicated specialists in engineering, working from initial brief concept, through to installation for all our projects provide a seamless and continuous, and project focused process. To be the best company giving International standard services to our customers with excellence worldwide. To be an ethical company with a strong dynamic business system and operational efficiency second to none. To fulfill our social responsibility and build a great working environment internally and with our customers.We strive to bring perfect balance between qualitative, perfectly executed jobs and competitive prices, therefore affording our clients the luxury of both satisfaction and economic gains. To this end, we have ensured a perfect blend of people and skills in our human resource.Our strength is our experience and understanding of the industry, assisted by our cultivated network of reliable and privileged engineers, contacts, and technical partners.
  • Solid Minerals, Precious Stones & Metals – We source and market solid and industrial minerals. Our business model a is to enter into a relationship with local mining companies and traders in the value chain of meeting our international clients’ needs. Our acknowledged skills in sourcing precious stones and solid minerals stems from our partners’ experience from on the grounds and from the minefields. Silver Retreat Consortium is internationally registered and licensed to trade in solid minerals and precious stones. We are consequently positioned to deliver quality services and products to our customers in this regard.We trade in solid minerals like zinc, columbite, diatomite, fluorite, lead, bentonite, lithium, kyanite, manganese, marble, cassiterite, silica sand, bitumen, zinc, iron ore, magnesite, gemstones & precious stones (rough and cut diamonds), Copper, Gold dust and bars, Phosphate and other precious metals.Because we work by international standard and policy, Silver Retreats Consortium is committed to the health and safety of people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. We verify and make sure that our trading partners source un-bloody product in un-deadly terrains. Our customers are assured of solid minerals that meet quality, quantity and other parameters for acceptability in the global community.We establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients and ensure those positive contributions to the regions in which we trade. On our side, we support our local mining partners by consulting with engineering firms and with comprehensive services to manage the project from concept to commissioning, over a wide range of commodities.Our values are simple and we incorporate these in our daily operations, never forgetting the foundations of our success:
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Not at the expense of humanity
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Belief in our ability
  • Hard work and continuous improvement
  • Doing it better
  • Celebrating success
  • Safety as a priority

We believe that hotels are not only about their structures… the spacious hotel rooms, facilities, fine restaurants or its delicacies. Silver Retreats believes hotels and leisure are about discovering something new, something amazing, a place where special moments will be cherished for a lifetime.We are developing hospitality services where attention to detail is given priority, to ensure that every need is catered for in perfect abundance.Our promise is to provide world-class accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment across all market segments, with unequaled levels of service to both the local and international traveler.Our ultimate goal is to develop fleets of five-star Hotel Groups across Africa, which provide high-tech customer care service, that would compete favorably with the like of Dubai, Malaysia, Qatar, China etc.


We identify that Shopping may look like entertainment – but it’s a science. Developing and management of modern day shopping malls is indeed a combination of various advanced technologies. We understand that target markets, foot counts, trading density, tenant mix, payment technologies/securities and environmental impact are just some of the many factors that need to be considered when creating a unique identity for a particular shopping center. That differentiation is crucial when competing for that all-important shopper.Silver Retreats recognizes the untapped opportunity in transforming the shopping culture of communities. We are embarking on shopping mall projects that develop tourism, hospitality, leisure, financial technology-related businesses, micropayment system and create community-based jobs.We understand the art and science of keeping the cash registers ringing in shopping mall business. By this, we are currently working in the building of shopping malls based on the following elements.

  • Strategic location–residential and business districts
  • Serves a ready population of around 800,000 people within the maximum range of a 10 minutes drive
  • Freehold site with an area of approximately 240,000 ft (80,000 sqm)
  • Land of 17,000 acres (another 19,800 acres for future development)
  • Built 10 gated communities of about 200,000 families and 1,000,000 residents
  • Developments include Themed Township Development and Integrated Development which comprise residential and commercial buildings

Roads and Bridges are built with a basic purpose: to connect communities. We see building roads as building access to development and opportunities, bringing good tidings to all beneficiary. Silver Retreats has a reputation for providing the best value to all their clients by cementing alliances within the industry supply chain thus creating a culture of excellence in their work standards and integrity.Silver Retreats partners and works with a fleet of world-class heavy construction Sector Company with a focus on infrastructure development that operates across Africa and Asia and the USA. Over a decade ago, we have engaged and successfully completed several civil engineering projects for individuals, corporate and government across West Africa.Silver Retreats works with and partners with a fleet of diversified construction companies, offering services in the following fields of industry:

  • Road building
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Road marking
  • Railway lines
  • Concrete structures
  • Bulk pipelines
  • Urban reticulation
  • Mining services (materials handling and ore beneficiation)
  • Property development
  • Production of asphalt
  • Production of crushed aggregates
  • Supply and application of bitumen and modified binders
  • Installation of optic fibre networks
  • Construction of renewable energy facilities
Silver Retreats endeavors to develop business relationships into partnerships with Government-related bodies (including local, provincial and national agencies), the mining sector, concession operators, developers, contractors, and builders.

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